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Ημερομηνία Τίτλος Συγγραφέας
2008-02-12 Begging and peddling in Vienna and its surrounding areas (1918-1938) Wadauer, Sigrid
2008-01-21 Drinking and public space in Leningrad/St. Petersburg and Helsinki in the interwar period Wacklin, Jussi
2008-02-27 Local decision-making and siege warfare: the role of towns in organizing defence in a context of increased state control, the case of the Dutch Republic (1570-1675) Vermeesch, Griet
2008-02-12 La mémoire de Paris 1919-1939 : récits du quotidien pour une expérience sensible de l’histoire urbaine Varlet, Caroline
2008-02-14 Espaces périphériques dans une ville médiévale: la ville de Bruxelles entre les deux enceintes au bas Moyen Âge Vannieuwenhuyze, Bram
2008-01-21 The (self-) perception of historic city: case study of the Finnish world heritage city old Rauma Vahtikari, Tanja
2008-01-17 The vindication of the tenement in East Berlin Urban, Florian
2008-01-21 Rotterdam between 1970 and 2001 Ulzen, Patricia van
2008-02-22 Architectrural and urban development of Constantinople and the contribution of Greek-Orthodox community to the formation of city (1878-1908): the example of Kalfa Pericles D. Fotiadis Tsilenis, Savvas E.
2008-02-06 Grain for Athens: the view from the Black Sea Tsetskhladze, Gocha R.
2008-02-20 Who is provincial?: reciprocal influences in architectural culture between Vienna and the capital cities of the Habsburg Empire Torello, Francesca
2008-02-25 The future of the past: a history book you can walk through Toorn Vrijthoff, W. van der.
2008-01-28 Quartier Grec: a town within the town Tomara-Sideris, Matoula
2008-02-04 Les bonnes adresses: mapping the urban elites in revolutionary Paris Thompson, Victoria E.
2008-01-28 Quartier Grec: a town within the town Tomara-Sideris, Matoula
2008-01-28 Urban property and administration in dispute in the nineteenth-century Ottoman Empire: Ayvalık, 1877-1914 Terzibaşoğlu, Yücel
2008-01-17 Urban change and transformation of sociability Tervonen, Miika
1998 Ευρώπη, νεοτοπικισμός και παγκοσμιοποίηση μετά τον Ψυχρό Πόλεμο Teló, Mario
2008-02-06 The urban system of Roman Egypt Tacoma, L.E. (Rens)
2008-01-16 Social-mindedness and aesthetics: municipal housing in Budapest and Vienna in the early 20th century Szivos, Erika
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