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Βρέθηκαν: 358 αποτελέσματα. (18 Σελίδες)
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Ημερομηνία Τίτλος Συγγραφέας
2008-01-14 Fashion and the early modern consumer evolution Nijboer, Harm
2000 Restructuring the danish welfare state : the social democratic path from welfare to workfare? Nielsen, Klaus
2004 Ibn-Sina’s Anticipation of Burdian and Barcan Formulas Movahed, Zia
2008-02-27 Les fortifications de Paris: horizon du développement de la capitale et définition de la banlieue sous la monarchie de Juliet Moret, Frédéric
1998 Παγκοσμιοποίηση και κοινωνίες της Διακινδύνευσης Διεθνές επιστημονικό συνέδριο(Εξώφυλλο) Montrian, Piet
1998 Παγκοσμιοποίηση και κοινωνίες της Διακινδύνευσης Διεθνές επιστημονικό συνέδριο (Πρόγραμμα Συνεδρίου) Montrian, Piet
2008-02-07 Hygienic helpers: cats in the cities of the Third Reich Mohring, Maren
2004 Aristotle from the Viewpoint of Muslim Philosophers Moghaddam, Mahdi Hadavi
2008-02-14 Les corpi sancti de Milan entre XVIIIème et XIXème siècles: aménagements institutionnels et ordre économique Mocarelli, Luca
2008-01-10 Limits of comparison: a case study of early modern urban migration Miller, Jaroslav
2008-02-20 Alexandropolis: an attempt of the second capital of the Russian Empire in 18th century? Mikhalchenko, Sergey
2007-12-18 Historic cities and conservation in Germany: the use of green spaces in Freiburg-im-Breisgau, 1925-90 Meller, Helen
2008-01-16 Little red Vienna: Ghent's urban image in the interwar period Meganck, Leen
2008-02-08 Men at work: oral history and the Glasgow hard man Johnston, Ronnie
2007-12-18 The planning and laying out of green spaces in relation to the urban transformation of Warsaw after 1918 Martyn, Peter
2008-02-04 Gender, the city and the environs of London: work, family and elite status, 1740-1870 Martin, Mary Clare
2008-01-15 Enjeux et pratiques des classifications du commerce en France: les trois figures de différentiation gros/détail 1673-1844 Margairaz, Dominique
2008-02-22 The impact of the infrastructure on the urban shell of modern Piraeus Malikouti, Stamatina G.
2008-02-05 Combining business and pleasure?: Cotton brokers in the Liverpool business community in the late 19th century Maenpaa, Sari
2008-01-16 The re-use of post-industrial space and waterfront development: the case of the Stone Loft (Maritime Tradition Museum) in Piraeus Karachalis, Nicholas
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