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Βρέθηκαν: 17049 αποτελέσματα.
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List of Records

Ημερομηνία Τίτλος Τύποι Υλικού
2008-02-05Considerations on agricultural scale-economies in the Greco-Roman world text
2008-01-14Cesar Birotteau et ses pairs: Poétiques et mercatique des parfumeurs dans le Paris du XIXe s. text
2008-01-24Cadastre maps and views of the city of Vienna (late 18th - early 19th centuries) text
2008-01-25British cities ‘in the front line’: representations and realities, 1939-1945 text
2008-01-07Bringing great shame upon this city: sodomy, the courts and the civic idiom in south west England, 1720-1820 text
2008-01-25Bridging the voluntarist gap: hospitals and the local state in Middlesbrough, 1890-1950 text
2008-01-24Bombs on Polish ground: the fate of Warsaw and its inhabitants during World War II text
2008-02-15Beyond the eruv: is there a Jewish Urban Historiography? text
2008-02-12Begging and peddling in Vienna and its surrounding areas (1918-1938) text
2008-02-08Auto-ethnography: research into one's own culture: some methodological insights text
2008-01-15Athènes au XIXe siècle : de la bourgade à la capitale text
2008-01-28Aspects of the urban development of Tirana: 1820-1939 text
2008-02-22Architectrural and urban development of Constantinople and the contribution of Greek-Orthodox community to the formation of city (1878-1908): the example of Kalfa Pericles D. Fotiadis text
2007-12-19A walk in the park as a democratic right text
2008-01-07"Ye shall disturbe no mans right": oath-taking and oath-breaking in early modern Bristol text
2008-01-18A continuous urban history: european colonial urban images and the development of African cities text
2008-01-18A splintered icon: the tensions of politics, ideology and representation in early republican Ankara text
2008-01-08Comprise and handshake: the town council, authority and urban stability in eighteenth-century Austrian small towns text
2008-02-05Combining business and pleasure?: Cotton brokers in the Liverpool business community in the late 19th century text
2008-02-06Grain market intervention in the Roman world text
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