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Μέλος συλλογής: Πολιτική οικονομία : επιθεώρηση οικονομικών και κοινωνικών επιστημών  

Βρέθηκαν: 128 αποτελέσματα. (7 Σελίδες)
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Ημερομηνία Τίτλος Συγγραφέας
1999 A basic difference between the orthodox and the marxian investigation of the falling rate of profit Μαριόλης , Θεόδωρος
2000 A Generalization of the Theorem on the Eigenvalues of Positive or Semipositive Similar Matrices and Its Application in the Economic Theory Σταμάτης, Γιώργος
1967 A Growth Cycle Goodwin, R. M.
1998 A Note on Foley’s Article «The value of money, the value of labour power and the marxian transformation problem» Σταμάτης, Γιώργος
1999 A note on the Normalizations that imply Linear w-r Relationsin Decomposable Single Production Techniques Sotirchos , George
1999 A Reappraisal of Adaptive Expectations Franke , Reiner
2002 A Representation of International Trade Exchanges through Neural Networks Karagianni , Stella
2000 A set of Economic Equations and a Generalisation of Brouwer’s Fixed Point Theorem Neumann, J. v.
2002 A Simple Linear Static Model of International Trade Σταμάτης , Γιώργος
2000 Abstract of the doctoral thesis: The role of Money in Linear Production Systems Γόγολος, Κωνσταντίνος
2000 An Examination of the so-called New Solution to the Transformation Problem Σταμάτης, Γιώργος
2004 Asset Prices, Booms and RecessionsbyWilly Semmler Καρκαλάκος, Σωτήρης
1998 Book Review: Rune Skarstein’s«Development Theory.A guide to some unfashionable perspectives» Σωτήρχος, Γιώργος
1999 Book Review: Sabine Reiner’s“Was ist politisch an der Politischen Ökonomie? Joan Robinsons Beiträge zur Politisierung der ökonomischen Theorie ” Schratzenstaller , Margit
2002 Central Bank Independence,Labour Market Institutions andthe Perspectives for Inflation and Employmentin the European Monetary Union Hein , Eckhard
2001 Climate Change Policy in the EU Member-States:A Comparative Analysis Karagianni , Stella
2000 Collective Bargaining in the European Monetary Union A Theory of Optimum Wage Areas Heise, Arne
2000 Comments on Dr. Miihlpfort and the determination of Production Prices and the Uniform Rate of Profit for a given Uniform Real Wage Rate Σταμάτης, Γιώργος
2004 Comments on the Paper by R.M. Goodwin “A Growth Cycle” Μίνογλου, Θέμις
2000 Concerning the Issue of the Choice of Technique in Neo-Ricardian Models of Single Production Μαριόλης, Θεοδωρής
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