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Collection Member: Ψυχολογία: το περιοδικό της Ελληνικής Ψυχολογικής Εταιρείας  

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Date Title Author
2001 Communication and satisfaction with the consultation in a general practice: A prospective examination Iconomou, Gregoris
1997 Constructing the world visually: The mind asphysicist, physiologist and psychologist(in alphabetical order?) Velli, Theoni P.
1997 Continuity and change in theoretical approaches to stereotypes Hantzi, Alexandra
1997 Creative thinking:A cognitive process in counseling Malikiosi-Loizos, Maria
2003 Depression and dependency: Which relationship? Bolognini, Monique
2004 Development of a questionnaire to measure physical education teachers’ representations on instruction Biro, Edit N.
2002 Dimensions of morality and their determinants in sport Kavussanu, Maria
2007 Effects of self-focused attention on recognizing previously presented self-relevant and irrelevant stimuli Panayiotou, Georgia
1999 Esperanto and the tower of Babel: A taxonomy of thinking Halpern, Diane F.
2006 Evaluation of an anti-stigma educational intervention in Greek secondary schools Economou, Marina
2002 Feelings and judgments as subjective evaluations of cognitive processing:How reliable are they? Efklides, Anastasia
2003 Field-dependence/independence and socioeconomic level: A cross-cultural approach Vlondaki, Kalliopi
2003 Foundational beliefs in psychotherapy:A response to Alvin Mahrer Feltham, Colin
2003 Foundational principles of psychotherapy: A response to A1 Mahrer Dumont, Frank
2003 Fragmented foundations: A response to Mahrer Neimeyer, Robert A.
1998 Frame-of-Reference Effects in Psychophysics: New Experimental Findings with Baby Chicks Sarris, Victor
2000 Gender differences in the development of academic self-concept of attainment from the 2nd to the 6th grade: Relations with achievement and perceived motivational orientation Lepola, Janne
2003 Goal orientations and their effect on self-concept and metacognition in adolescence Demirtzaki, Irini
2005 Greek children’s understanding of false beliefs: The role of language Maridaki-Kassotaki,Katerina
2000 Idiography and nomothesis: The quest for integration Androutsopoulou, Athena A.
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