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Date Title Author
2008-01-10 Limits of comparison: a case study of early modern urban migration Miller, Jaroslav
2008-02-14 Les corpi sancti de Milan entre XVIIIème et XIXème siècles: aménagements institutionnels et ordre économique Mocarelli, Luca
2004 Aristotle from the Viewpoint of Muslim Philosophers Moghaddam, Mahdi Hadavi
2008-02-07 Hygienic helpers: cats in the cities of the Third Reich Mohring, Maren
1998 Παγκοσμιοποίηση και κοινωνίες της Διακινδύνευσης Διεθνές επιστημονικό συνέδριο(Εξώφυλλο) Montrian, Piet
1998 Παγκοσμιοποίηση και κοινωνίες της Διακινδύνευσης Διεθνές επιστημονικό συνέδριο (Πρόγραμμα Συνεδρίου) Montrian, Piet
2008-02-27 Les fortifications de Paris: horizon du développement de la capitale et définition de la banlieue sous la monarchie de Juliet Moret, Frédéric
2004 Ibn-Sina’s Anticipation of Burdian and Barcan Formulas Movahed, Zia
2000 Restructuring the danish welfare state : the social democratic path from welfare to workfare? Nielsen, Klaus
2008-01-14 Fashion and the early modern consumer evolution Nijboer, Harm
2000 Economic inequalities and social tensions in the transition period in FYROM Nikolovska, Natalia
2008-01-24 Cadastre maps and views of the city of Vienna (late 18th - early 19th centuries) Opll, Ferdinand
2008-02-07 Silence is golden: face-to-face communication in urban everyday life, 1870-1914 Owzar, Armin
2004 Thomas’ Aquinas and John's of Damascus Readings of Aristotle: an Indicative Suggestion of the Differences Papagianopoulos, Elias
2007-12-17 The history of allotment areas in 20th century Sweden and their role in maintaining ecosystem services in urban areas Parker, John N.
2008-02-07 Domesticating Europe: urban everyday life in the 19th century Balkans Parusheva, Dobrinka
2004 The “Muslim” Aristotle: The Treatment of Aristotle in Islamic Thought Pazouki, Shahram
2008-02-12 Modern Cemeteries and resurrecting narratives: revitalization and ruins in the Brás district, in the city of São Paulo. Pereira, V.S.
2008-02-12 Pesée démographique et réseaux urbains: Italie (siècles XIII-XV) Pinto, Giuliano
2008-01-07 Bringing great shame upon this city: sodomy, the courts and the civic idiom in south west England, 1720-1820 Poole, Steve
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