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Date Title Author
2008-02-08 Migrant voices in Vienna's contemporary history Fischer, Wladimir
2008-02-07 Restaurant life of St.-Petersburg and Moscow in late imperial Russia Khmelnitskaia, Irina
2008-02-07 Representations of everyday life in fin de siècle Vienna Kirk, Tim
2008-02-07 Religion in urban everyday life: shaping modernity in Lodz and Manchester Kossert, Andreas
2008-02-07 Tourism, visual culture and everyday life Steward, Jill
2008-02-07 New living-no cats: the example Frankfurt housing estates in the 1920s Saldern, Adelheid von
2008-02-07 Domesticating Europe: urban everyday life in the 19th century Balkans Parusheva, Dobrinka
2008-02-07 Silence is golden: face-to-face communication in urban everyday life, 1870-1914 Owzar, Armin
2008-02-07 Hygienic helpers: cats in the cities of the Third Reich Mohring, Maren
2008-02-06 The urban system of Roman Egypt Tacoma, L.E. (Rens)
2008-02-06 Feeding hellenistic seleucia on the Tigris and Babylon Spek, Erik van der
2008-02-06 La promenade urbaine au XIXe siecle Beck, Robert
2008-02-06 Grain market intervention in the Roman world Erdkamp, Paul
2008-02-06 Lights and modernity in 19th European cities: new demands and factors of differentiation Beltran, Alain
2008-02-06 Hadrian and the Athenian Oil Production Harter-Uibopuu, Kaja
2008-02-06 Grain for Cibyra: Veranius Philagrus and the 'great conspiracy' Kokkinia, Christina
2008-02-06 Grain for Athens: the view from the Black Sea Tsetskhladze, Gocha R.
2008-02-05 The Portuguese Jews in Amsterdam: an insight on entrepreneurial behaviour in the Republic, 1640-1705 Antunes, Catia A. P.
2008-02-05 Integration of immigrating merchants in Trondheim in the seventeenth and eighteenth century Bull, Ida
2008-02-05 Demographic composition and immigration movements of the Port City of Patras during the Interwar Period Eliopoulos, Panagiotis G.
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