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Date Title Author
2008-01-24 Cadastre maps and views of the city of Vienna (late 18th - early 19th centuries) Opll, Ferdinand
2008-01-14 Cesar Birotteau et ses pairs: Poétiques et mercatique des parfumeurs dans le Paris du XIXe s. Briot, Eugenie
2000 Challenges of liberalization and globalization of the world economy Kostovska, Ljubica
2008-02-05 Combining business and pleasure?: Cotton brokers in the Liverpool business community in the late 19th century Maenpaa, Sari
2008-01-08 Comprise and handshake: the town council, authority and urban stability in eighteenth-century Austrian small towns Scheutz, Martin
2008-02-05 Considerations on agricultural scale-economies in the Greco-Roman world Bintliff, John
2008-02-05 Contrasting merchant communities in the early eighteenth century: Stockholm, Calabar and Charleston Ryden, Goran
2008-02-29 Creative scientific milieus: the European city ideal as a model for innovation processes Hessler, Martina
2000 Critical appraisal of the scientific and technological progress : an international comparison Μακράκης, Βασίλης Γ.
2008-02-05 Demographic composition and immigration movements of the Port City of Patras during the Interwar Period Eliopoulos, Panagiotis G.
2008-01-14 Developments in the retailing of domestic furnishings 1600-1850 Edwards, Clive
2008-02-07 Domesticating Europe: urban everyday life in the 19th century Balkans Parusheva, Dobrinka
2008-01-21 Drinking and public space in Leningrad/St. Petersburg and Helsinki in the interwar period Wacklin, Jussi
2008-02-27 Early modern ideal city planning and military architecture: especially in Northern Europe Kruger, Kersten
2000 Economic inequalities and social tensions in the transition period in FYROM Nikolovska, Natalia
2008-01-29 English nonconformist entrepreneurs and their mansions (1780-1900): a paradox Jones, Diana K.
2008-01-15 Enjeux et pratiques des classifications du commerce en France: les trois figures de différentiation gros/détail 1673-1844 Margairaz, Dominique
2008-02-14 Espaces périphériques dans une ville médiévale: la ville de Bruxelles entre les deux enceintes au bas Moyen Âge Vannieuwenhuyze, Bram
2008-02-08 Ethics in the cross-cultural oral history interview Herbert, Joanna
2008-01-15 Extroversion and urban illustration: planning and urban design in Athens urban growth Bobolos, Nikos D.
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