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Date Title Author
2008-01-28 Urban renewal politics from a "modern city state": a coruna metropolitan area in NW Spain Beltran Pedreira, Ricardo
2008-01-29 Residential patterns of the Liverpool elite c.1660-1800 Longmore, Jane
2008-01-10 The metropolis and the state: the autonomy of Amsterdam and Antwerp in a comparative perspective (ca. 1530-1830) Hart, Marjolein ’t
2007-12-18 Urban green space in Helsinki 1900-1950: roles, implications and fuctions Lento, Katri
2008-01-07 "Ye shall disturbe no mans right": oath-taking and oath-breaking in early modern Bristol Lee, James
2007-12-17 Rooting vines back in Montmartre: 1933-2003 Langlais, Chloë
2008-02-14 Périphéries et espaces périphériques dans les villes européennes du moyen age et de l’époque Moderne (XV - XIX siècles): les transformations induites par l’économie Lanaro, Paola
2008-01-21 Teaching urban history in Italian Universities Favero, Giovanni
2008-01-28 Tapiola vs. Helsinki: modernizing the metropolitan image Lahti, Juhana
1998 Παγκοσμιοποίηση και ευρωπαϊκοποίση του δικαίου - Μια συγκριτική προοπτική Ladeur, Karl Heinz
2008-01-16 The re-use of post-industrial space and waterfront development: the case of the Stone Loft (Maritime Tradition Museum) in Piraeus Karachalis, Nicholas
2008-01-10 Industrial communities in comparison: the complexity of factors and indicators of success and decline Kuvaja, Anne
2008-01-07 Public houses and civic tensions in early modern Bern Kümin, Beat
2008-02-27 Early modern ideal city planning and military architecture: especially in Northern Europe Kruger, Kersten
2008-02-27 Two "Swedish" fortification towns and their population in the early 18th century Kroll, Stefan
2008-02-15 Hellenic urban historiography in the newly-established State Sapounaki-Dracaki, Lydia
2000 Challenges of liberalization and globalization of the world economy Kostovska, Ljubica
2008-02-07 Religion in urban everyday life: shaping modernity in Lodz and Manchester Kossert, Andreas
2008-02-06 Grain for Cibyra: Veranius Philagrus and the 'great conspiracy' Kokkinia, Christina
2007-12-19 The role of local ecological knowledge and land-use history in Finnish urban planning Yli-Pelkonen, Vesa
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