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Date Title Author
2008-01-21 The (self-) perception of historic city: case study of the Finnish world heritage city old Rauma Vahtikari, Tanja
2008-01-21 Teaching urban history in Italian Universities Favero, Giovanni
2008-01-28 Tapiola vs. Helsinki: modernizing the metropolitan image Lahti, Juhana
2008-02-22 State, society and market in Preveza: historical time and historical centre in a small Greek town Rentzos, Ioannis
2008-02-25 Spaces of resistance: power, ideologies and migrant grassroots organizing in the periphery of Lisbon Beja Horta, Ana Paula
2008-01-16 Social-mindedness and aesthetics: municipal housing in Budapest and Vienna in the early 20th century Szivos, Erika
2007-12-19 Social control and urban government: the case of Goerlitz, 15th and 16th centuries Behrisch, Lars
2008-02-07 Silence is golden: face-to-face communication in urban everyday life, 1870-1914 Owzar, Armin
2008-01-25 Shadow City: Gimme Shelter 1935-1945 Bosma, Jacobus Egbertus
2008-01-16 Saturating the surface: cultural reflections on italian modernist architecture Hirsh, Jennie
2008-01-21 Rotterdam between 1970 and 2001 Ulzen, Patricia van
2007-12-17 Rooting vines back in Montmartre: 1933-2003 Langlais, Chloë
2000 Restructuring the danish welfare state : the social democratic path from welfare to workfare? Nielsen, Klaus
2008-02-07 Restaurant life of St.-Petersburg and Moscow in late imperial Russia Khmelnitskaia, Irina
2008-01-29 Residential patterns of the Liverpool elite c.1660-1800 Longmore, Jane
2008-01-28 Réseaux d’innovations: travaux portuaires dans les villes levantines, 1850-1920 Hastaoglou-Martinidis, Vilma
2008-01-16 Representations, perceptions and appropriations of urban space Fretz, Nicole
2008-01-18 Representations of the Russian metropolises: St. Petersburg – Petrograd – Leningrad and Moscow in 1900 – 1930 Shevyrev, Alexander
2008-02-07 Representations of everyday life in fin de siècle Vienna Kirk, Tim
2008-02-07 Religion in urban everyday life: shaping modernity in Lodz and Manchester Kossert, Andreas
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