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Date Title Author
2008-01-28 Urban renewal politics from a "modern city state": a coruna metropolitan area in NW Spain Beltran Pedreira, Ricardo
2008-01-28 Urban property and administration in dispute in the nineteenth-century Ottoman Empire: Ayvalık, 1877-1914 Terzibaşoğlu, Yücel
2008-01-18 Urban images and representations during the 20th century in Europe and beyond: introduction Guckes, Jochen
2007-12-18 Urban green space in Helsinki 1900-1950: roles, implications and fuctions Lento, Katri
2008-01-17 Urban change and transformation of sociability Tervonen, Miika
2008-02-12 Uncommon threads: the role of oral and archival testimony in the shaping of urban public art Wallach, Ruth
2008-02-27 Two "Swedish" fortification towns and their population in the early 18th century Kroll, Stefan
2008-01-15 Transformations et constructions dans la Ville de São Paulo au passage du XIXe au XXe siècle: le rôle du petit commerce Barbuy, Heloisa
2008-01-10 Town and university: Manchester, Gothenburg and Tampere Kaarninen, Mervi
2008-02-05 Town and Country in Roman Antioch De Giorgi, Andrea U.
2008-02-07 Tourism, visual culture and everyday life Steward, Jill
2007-12-17 To use and to protect: municipal parks of London in the twentieth century-a natural approach Hannikainen, Matti
2004 Thomas’ Aquinas and John's of Damascus Readings of Aristotle: an Indicative Suggestion of the Differences Papagianopoulos, Elias
2007-12-28 They obey all magistrates and all good lawes and we thinke our cittie happie to enjoye them’: migrants and civic order in early modern english towns Esser, Raingard
2004 The “Muslim” Aristotle: The Treatment of Aristotle in Islamic Thought Pazouki, Shahram
2008-01-17 The vindication of the tenement in East Berlin Urban, Florian
2008-02-06 The urban system of Roman Egypt Tacoma, L.E. (Rens)
2008-01-25 The urban impact on social welfare in East and West Germany (1945–1990) Boldorf, Marcel
2008-01-10 The urban foundation of the regional economy: peripheral towns in the English Minlands, c. 1550-1700 Kawana, Yoh
2004 The Universality of the Aristotelian Thought, as a Bridge between East and West Daiber, Hans
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