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Βρέθηκαν: 358 αποτελέσματα. (18 Σελίδες)
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Ημερομηνία Τίτλος Συγγραφέας
2008-01-24 Bombs on Polish ground: the fate of Warsaw and its inhabitants during World War II Boehler, Jochen
2008-01-25 The urban impact on social welfare in East and West Germany (1945–1990) Boldorf, Marcel
2008-01-25 Shadow City: Gimme Shelter 1935-1945 Bosma, Jacobus Egbertus
2008-01-29 L'espace résidentiel de la noblesse florentine (XVIe-XVIIIe siècle) Boutier, Jean
2008-01-14 Intégration économique et aspects de modernité autour d’un réseau ferroviaire périphérique: Thessalie, fin du 19e siècle Bregianni, Catherine
2008-01-14 Cesar Birotteau et ses pairs: Poétiques et mercatique des parfumeurs dans le Paris du XIXe s. Briot, Eugenie
2008-02-05 Integration of immigrating merchants in Trondheim in the seventeenth and eighteenth century Bull, Ida
2008-01-22 The Ensenada Cadastre: a documentary on the urban structure of cities in the Castile of the Old Regime (1749-1757) Bullon, Camarero
2008-02-20 The Brussels music scene, 1740-1780: expression of an urban or a courtly-aristocratic culture? Buyens, Koen
2008-01-28 Urban renewal politics from a "modern city state": a coruna metropolitan area in NW Spain Beltran Pedreira, Ricardo
2008-02-26 Nothing but your walls: the Dutch states-general and the fortified town of Wesel (1629) Cauwer, Peter De
2004 Aristotele’s and Islamic Philosophers’ Teachings in the early Philosophical Writingsof Thomas Aquinas Chronis, Nikolaos
2008-01-29 Urbanism and housing in the eighteenth-century Chaussée d’Antin Collins, Nancy W.
2000 Analysis of the effects of trade liberalization on poverty in developing countries Crowe, T.J.
2004 The Universality of the Aristotelian Thought, as a Bridge between East and West Daiber, Hans
2008-02-05 Town and Country in Roman Antioch De Giorgi, Andrea U.
2008-01-22 Les fontaines de Bruxelles et des anciens Pays-Bas, enjeux et pouvoirs (1350-1550) Deligne, Chloé
2008-01-15 Athènes au XIXe siècle : de la bourgade à la capitale Dimitropoulou, Myrto
2008-01-16 The rise of multicultural metropolis Dimopoulos, Konstantinos
2008-02-26 Nobility and the "public face" of London's sewerage system Dobraszczyc, Paul
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