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Ημερομηνία Τίτλος Συγγραφέας
2003 The pluralistic nature of the field of psychotherapy: A response to A1 Mahrer Iwakabe, Shigeru
2003 School-related stress and family stress: Differences in stress perception and coping style in healthy and clinical groups Sheiffge-Krenke, Inge
2003 Psychological adjustment and separation-individuation: an exploratory study with greek adolescents Christopoulos, Anna L.
2003 Preface Besevegis, Elias
2003 Parental and peer support, identity development and psychological well-being in adolescence Meeus, Wim
2003 Introduction: Shall we or shall we not attempt to uncover our guiding axioms? Stalikas, Anastassios
2003 Goal orientations and their effect on self-concept and metacognition in adolescence Demirtzaki, Irini
2003 Fragmented foundations: A response to Mahrer Neimeyer, Robert A.
2003 Foundational principles of psychotherapy: A response to A1 Mahrer Dumont, Frank
2003 Foundational beliefs in psychotherapy:A response to Alvin Mahrer Feltham, Colin
2003 Field-dependence/independence and socioeconomic level: A cross-cultural approach Vlondaki, Kalliopi
2003 Depression and dependency: Which relationship? Bolognini, Monique
2003 Attributing human properties to computer artifacts: Developmental changes in children’s understanding of the animate-inanimate distinction Mikropoulos, Tassos A.
2003 Adolescent’s views of their relations with their parents Georgouleas, Georgios
2003 Adolescents’ self-concept consistency and the transition from inconsistency to consistency Adamson, Lena
2003 A historical approach to the identity development of counselling psychology Stalikas, Anastassios
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