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Τίτλος:Μορφές εκμετάλλευσης των domain names
Κύρια Υπευθυνότητα:Καζάκου, Σωτηρία Β.
Επιβλέπων:Δούβλης, Βασίλης Α.
Θέματα:Ονόματα χώρου στο διαδίκτυο -- Δίκαιο και νομοθεσία
Διαδίκτυο -- Οικονομικές απόψεις
Δικαιόχρηση -- Δίκαιο και νομοθεσία -- Ελλάδα
Internet domain names -- Law and legislation
Internet -- Economic aspects
Franchises (Retail trade) -- Law and legislation -- Greece
Ημερομηνία Έκδοσης:2011
Εκδότης:Πάντειο Πανεπιστήμιο Κοινωνικών και Πολιτικών Επιστημών
Abstract:e domain and in the event of liquidation, the domain name can be sold. Moreover, many individuals who purchase domain names do so with the goal of renting domain names to others and earning recurring monthly or annual income. Rental income from domain names has become a very popular way for owners of domain names to earn income with their domain names over the years. Last but not least, domain names are property--just like a house or valuable jewels--and they can be garnished to pay off a debt.This study develops the ways of exploitation of domain names. In the introduction becomes a brief reference in the operation of Internet and the usefulness of domain name through e-commerce. Afterwards are examined the meaning and the types of the domain name while specific reference is made to the New Generic Top-Level Domains.Further, is analyzed the legal status of the domain name, which has created great concern in both legal theory and jurisprudence (B section) thus passing the core of this study, namely to the economic exploitation of this intangible asset.Specifically, the third chapter analyzes the right of domain name's owners to use them and moreover to sell and rent them to others.Below, the fourth chapter deals with garnishment of domain names and selling of them in the event of liquidation. It also deals with the use of domain names as collateral for a loan. This study concludes with a summary of ways exploitation of this new property asset created by the technological evolution and ultimately no different from those already known to us marketable types of material and immaterial world.
Περιγραφή:Διπλωματική εργασία - Πάντειο Πανεπιστήμιο. Γενικό Τμήμα Δικαίου, ΠΜΣ "Δίκαιο και Ευρωπαϊκή Ενοποίηση", κατεύθυνση Ιδιωτικό Δίκαιο, 2011
Περιγραφή:Βιβλιογραφία: σ. 88-93
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