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Πολιτική οικονομία : επιθεώρηση οικονομικών και κοινωνικών επιστημών  

Τίτλος: Πολιτική οικονομία : επιθεώρηση οικονομικών και κοινωνικών επιστημών, τεύχ. 06 (Άνοιξη 2000)
Περιεχόμενα:   Περιεχόμενα
The first correct formulation of the so-called Transformation Problem by Wolfgang Muehlpfordt, alias Dr. Miihlpfort in 1893 and 1895
Determining Prices of Production and the General Rate of Profit
Karl Marxand the Average Rate of Profit
Comments on Dr. Miihlpfort and the determination of Production Prices and the Uniform Rate of Profit for a given Uniform Real Wage Rate
The Analysis of Marx’s Composition of Capital. The Unsettled Controversies
Concerning the Issue of the Choice of Technique in Neo-Ricardian Models of Single Production
The Political Economy of MeritocracyUnemployment, Globalism and Inequality
Employment Profitability Cycles in the economy of the United States: An empirical point of view
A Generalization of the Theorem on the Eigenvalues of Positive or Semipositive Similar Matrices and Its Application in the Economic Theory
Dynamic and Static Values:A Counter-reply to Duménil and Lévy
Απάντηση σε μια “κριτική”
Περί κριτικής, ιεραποστολικού φανατισμού, γλωσσομάθειας και επιστημοσύνης

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