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Βρέθηκαν: 17689 αποτελέσματα.
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List of Records

Ημερομηνία Τίτλος Τύποι Υλικού
2008-01-29Residential patterns of the Liverpool elite c.1660-1800 text
2008-01-28Réseaux d’innovations: travaux portuaires dans les villes levantines, 1850-1920 text
2008-01-16Representations, perceptions and appropriations of urban space text
2008-01-18Representations of the Russian metropolises: St. Petersburg – Petrograd – Leningrad and Moscow in 1900 – 1930 text
2008-02-07Representations of everyday life in fin de siècle Vienna text
2008-02-07Religion in urban everyday life: shaping modernity in Lodz and Manchester text
2008-02-25Régie Vardar: a Jewish 'Garden City' in Thessaloniki (1917-1943). text
2008-01-28Quartier Grec: a town within the town text
2008-01-07Public houses and civic tensions in early modern Bern text
2008-01-10The urban foundation of the regional economy: peripheral towns in the English Minlands, c. 1550-1700 text
2008-02-08The role of oral history in understanding the past text
2007-12-19The role of local ecological knowledge and land-use history in Finnish urban planning text
2008-02-22The role and different aspects of urban design in Athens urban growth text
2008-01-16The rise of multicultural metropolis text
2008-01-16The re-use of post-industrial space and waterfront development: the case of the Stone Loft (Maritime Tradition Museum) in Piraeus text
2008-02-05The Portuguese Jews in Amsterdam: an insight on entrepreneurial behaviour in the Republic, 1640-1705 text
2007-12-18The planning and laying out of green spaces in relation to the urban transformation of Warsaw after 1918 text
2008-01-10The metropolis and the state: the autonomy of Amsterdam and Antwerp in a comparative perspective (ca. 1530-1830) text
2008-02-22The impact of the infrastructure on the urban shell of modern Piraeus text
2007-12-17The history of allotment areas in 20th century Sweden and their role in maintaining ecosystem services in urban areas text
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